Hardware’s are the physical part of a computer.


The connection between hardware and the user are the application.

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Short guidelines to make your own network cable To create a network cable you need : 1. One cable with your desired lenght 2. Two RJ45 conectors 3. One cable crimper tool RJ45/RJ11  Optional 4. Cable Tester
You will need the help of a Windows 10 setup/installation disc. After you will boot from the setup/installation disc you can replace Utility Manager (Easy of access) When you will have on the screen the Windows setup screen you need to simultaneously press SHIFT + F10 […]
When you start to thing that you need a domain name the biggest challenge is to find a free one. 8-9 letters and numbers It’s very important that the name to be very short.  Take care that the name to have no more than maximum of […]